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The Time Has Come

About this CD
Song List

About this CD

Cynthia Crane sings her mind on life, love and the world in general:

“Singing confidently with jazzy edges ... sassy Cynthia Crane will clue you in on what she thinks and keep you entertained while doing it.” -Elizabeth Ahlfors,Cabaret Scenes Magazine

“For a full hour I could not keep my eyes off the stage as this amazing lady kept us enthralled and entertained ... so well crafted, so well delivered, so entertaining!” -Stu Hamstra Cabaret Hotline Online

“Thank God for people like Cynthia Crane ... she's addictive ... a cross between Frances Faye and Shirley MacLaine, ... you'd be a fool to miss her the next time she's around.“ -Gregg Culling “Songbirds” Online

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Song List

  • BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL WORLD “Apple Tree” Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick
  • AIR “Hair” Gerome Ragni /James Rado
  • THE TIME HAS COME Marshall Barer/Mickey Leonard
  • LUNA ROSSA Kermit Goell/Antonio Viscione
  • MOON GODDESS Clark Gesner Page Gesner
  • I WISHED ON THE MOON Dorothy Parker/Ralph Rainger
  • MOON SONG Sam Coslow and Arthur Johnston
  • WHO TOOK ME HOME LAST NIGHT Harold Adamson/Jule Styne
  • BUDDY’S BLUES Stephen Sondheim “Follies”
  • WHY TRY TO CHANGE ME NOW Joseph A. McCarthy/Cy Coleman
  • I GOT A RIGHT TO SING THE BLUES Ted Koehler/Harold Arlen /BLUE PRELUDE Gordon Jenkins/Joe Bishop
  • SMOKIN‘ REEFERS Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz
  • MARAHUANA Johnny Burke, Sam Coslow ''Marahuana'' Re-Titled ''Lotus Blossom''
  • RIMES D’AMOUR Marshall Barer/Joseph Thalken
  • MY OLD FLAME Arthur Johnston & Sam Coslow
  • THE PHYSICIAN Cole Porter “Nymph Errant”
  • NEVER KNOW WHEN Walter & Jean Kerr/Joan Ford & Leroy Anderson “Goldilocks” /I FALL IN LOVE TOO EASILY Sammy Cahn/Jule Styne
  • MY COUNTRY USED TO BE Dave Frishberg
  • NEW SUN IN THE SKY Howard Dietz/Arthur Schwartz

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Recorded live at the Metropolitan Room Spring 2008

Cover Art: Robert Richards
Executive Producer/ Director: Ted Story TSP Productions
Live Recording Engineer: J.P. Perreaux
Engineering Mastering: Tom Spahn Sync Sound Studio
Art Direction: D. Bruce Stevens DBS Design Group

Ted Story
– my entire life,
Mary Saunders - voice teacher
and Marshall Barer now swapping bon mots with Lorenz Hart
Heather Sullivan - headshots

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"The recently departed, but till then wildly successful 60 Minutes producer, Don Hewitt, when asked to what he attributed the longevity of the show, simply said, ‘Tell them a story’.

Cynthia Crane obviously has understood this formula for a long time, and, on her latest CD [The Time Has Come] and in her expansive, unstinting style, she tells the story from her heart, her lungs, her gut – dare I say every functional organ contributes to the songs sung and spoken . . . from melancholy to mirth . . . maybe Sophie Tucker wasn’t the last of anything after all.”
Noah Tree Cabaret Scenes Magazine

Lookout Jazz Records

To these eyes and ears, Cynthia Crane is exactly what a cabaret singer and act should be:  a unique individual with her own take on songs, who grabs you and makes sure you get it.  Lively, likeable, down to earth, very watchable—with the quirky facial expressions and reactions on her animated face, gestures and shrugs, buoyant energy expressed with her full body.  It's about communication and telling the story of the song which she does to a fare-thee-well (it's somehow fitting that in private life, she is Mrs. Story).  She has stage presence that radiates a joy in physically being in the spotlight and connecting with an audience. 

Though not a "legit" or legato singer with a big range, she has so many colors in her voice.  Cynthia gives it her all, and her life-loving, progressive, maternal but ageless point of view and plucky, sprite-like personality come through as brightly as her very orange hair.  What is especially marvelous (and maybe a bit of a relief, having been in her audience for the act recorded here) is how much of that pizzazz and humor and warmth come through on disc. . . With the expert musicians, pianist Paul Greenwood and bassist Boots Maleson, with her on the many and sundried twists and turns of the way, this is a delightful and very entertaining live album.  With included succinct patter that captures Cynthia's joie de vivre, political posits and endearingly loopy side, this recording from the Metropolitan Room brings cabaret into your living room—or wherever your iPod might take you.  There is a wisdom of many years of living that comes through on the sad and the sardonic numbers—I can honestly say that Cynthia Crane is one of the few cabaret singers I go to see to learn something and feel the communicated "live life to the fullest" encouragement. For those who want to save the date to experience this all in person, mark your calendars for November 30 and December 6, 8, 9 for a NEW SHOW at Don't Tell Mama. “
Rob Lester, Sound Advice, Talkin’ Broadway

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I'm Confused Therefore I Am
If I Knew Now (what I knew then)
Cynthia's in Love

Blue Rendezvous
The Secret Life of a WASP
Smoky Bar Songs (For the No-Smoking Section)
Our First Christmas

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