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About this CD
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About this CD

"Frank Sinatra is taken for granted as the great ambassador of the after-hour blues, singing of victims of one-way love affairs. Cynthia Crane, with the ever-able Mike Renzi, ventures into that world of melancholy and regret and convinces you that those lyrics, written so long ago by Johnny Mercer, Matt Dennis and Sammy Cahn, are still as fresh and as new as this minute."
~Mike Rapchak, WGN Radio Chicago

Frank Sinatra, An American Icon: I was too young to be a "Bobby-Soxer", but not too young to fall for "The Voice". Oh yes, I know the history: the greatest pop singer of the 20th Century studied singers like Billie Holiday and Mabel Mercer breaking emotional ground and completely reinvented the pop sound which preceded him, (in men like Rudy Vallee, Russ Columbo and Bing Crosby), by using recently improved recording equipment and microphones to change the volume and quality of his sound. (Vallée started out with a Megaphone!) But Sinatra was more, truly an American Icon; a self-taught artist who excelled at all he did, an innovative perfectionist. Concerts, Recordings, Radio, TV, Movies, Paintings, "Chairman of the Board" (Reprise Records). I was in H.S. back in those early years of his vocal troubles when they were calling him 'over'; the comeback thrilled me, Oscars, Grammys. Leaving Emerson College, seeking my own voice, I reveled in his concept creations, the arrangements, the songs. He has remained a presence in my life for all of my life. With the rest of the world, I was fascinated by his Nancy, his Ava ("I'm A Fool To Want You" Gardner), tiffs with NYC press, Vegas, "The Rat Pack", the 'glitter' of politics and power, his surprising, unexpected generosity, his ubiquity and longevity I love Frank Sinatra. ~CYNTHIA CRANE

"May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine" ~Frank Sinatra

Song List
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1. When No One Cares
(Sammy Cahn, James. van Heusen) /Only The Lonely (Sammy Cahn/James van Heusen)

2. All Or Nothing At All
(Dennis Matkosky, Jack Lawrence, Arthur Altman, Bobby Caldwell, Dennis Matkosky)

3. When Your Lover Has Gone (Einar Aaron Swan)

4. Drinking Again (Johnny Mercer/Doris Tauber)

5. One For My Baby (Johnny Mercer/Harold Arlen)

6. No One Ever Tells You (Hub Atwood/Carroll Coates)

7. The Night We Called It A Day (Tom Adair, Matt Dennis)

8. It’s Easy To Remember (Lorenz Hart/Richard Rodgers)

9. Hey Look, No Crying (Susan Birkenhead/Jule Styne)


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KE RENZI on Piano
GLEN DREWES on Trumpet
HOUSTON PERSON on Tenor Sax / BILL EASLEY (#4 & 6)
WAYNE ANDRE on Trombone (#7)
LookoutJazz (one word) Records a div of TSP Copyright 2015
Recorded Nola Recording Studios
Recording Engineer: Jim Czak
Mastering Engineer: Tom Spahn
Cover Art: Robert Richards
Graphic Art: D. Bruce Stevens, DBS Design Group
Executive Producer: Ted Story, TSP Productions


"Ms. Crane and Mr. Renzi make an alluring duo whose work here borders on the hypnotic. So pour yourself a tall, cool one, put on the headphones, kick off your shoes, lean back, close your eyes, and you'll be ready to be transported as I was."
~ Jeff Rossen, GAY CHICAGO Magazine

"These songs, some of them rarely performed today, probe the depths of the inner soul. It takes a rare artist to interpret these, and Crane is that and more. A winner!"
~ Ron Della Chiesa WGBH, Boston

"Cynthia Crane is a cabaret treasure. Saucy, pert and emotionally as sharp as a stiletto, she alternatively can be funny, touching, wistful or serious. You'll have to look long and hard to find a more satisfying performer."
~ Peter Leavy CabaretScenes, Publisher

*THE TIME HAS COME: THE SONGS OF MARSHALL BARER (*with Rosemary Clooney, Michael Feinstein etc)


I'm Confused Therefore I Am
The Time Has Come
If I Knew Now (what I knew then)
Cynthia's in Love

Blue Rendezvous
The Secret Life of a WASP
Smoky Bar Songs (For the No-Smoking Section)

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