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If I Knew Now (what I knew then) Live at Helen's Hideaway

About this CD
Song List

About this CD

A Saloon-Singer/Story-teller, Cynthia Crane mulls over life, love and wrestles with the difficulties of watching life get old while she remains eternally 27, “over and over and over again”. A listen-to CD with wry, witty songs - great melodies and smart lyrics by Jay Leonhart and Dave Frishberg - a pastiche including Harold Arlen, Stephen Sondheim, Johnny Mandel, John Wallowitch, Lew Spence, Clark Gesner and Frank Loesser.

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Song List
Click on the song title to hear a clip of the song. (M3U internet playlist)

  • IF I KNEW NOW (what I knew then) Marshall Barer, Duke Ellington
  • GOODBYE MIAMI Jay Leonhart
  • BEWITCHED Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers / FUN TO BE FOOLED Ira Gershwin, E.Y. Harburg, Harold Arlen
  • CLOSE ENOUGH FOR LOVE (Theme For Agatha) Johnny Mandel, Paul Williams
  • OUT OF FASHION Tom Toce, Lew Spence
  • SOUTH TO A WARMER PLACE Loonis McGlohon, Alec Wilder
  • JOSE CUERVO Cathy Jordan
  • MAY I COME IN Marvin Fisher, Jack Segal/NOT YOU AGAIN Duncan Lamont
  • I NEVER DO ANYTHING TWICE Stephen Sondheim
  • WHAT A BLESSING (To Know There's a Devil) Frank Loesser, "Greenwillow"
  • I'M 27 John Wallowitch
  • MY COUNTRY USED TO BE Dave Frishberg / NEW SUN IN THE SKY Arthur Schwartz, Howard Dietz

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Photos: Bob Barry/Jazzography,
* “Then” Photo by Hal Wilson
Executive Producer: Ted Story, TSP Productions
Live Recording Engineer: Reed Taylor
Engineering/Mastering: Tom Spahn at Legacy Studios, NYC
Art Direction: D. Bruce Stevens, DBS Design Group

Special Thanks:
Shane Mathews - lights and sound at Helen’s Hideaway
Ted Story – my entire life
Mary Saunders - voice teacher
and Marshall Barer now swapping bon mots with Lorenz Hart

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"The show was so well constructed and so perfectly performed the hour flew by like a flash. . . thrilled to be listening to that smoky velvet sound which has only
been available to me on her CDs these past six years."
Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotlineonline

"In this world of ordinary singers, extraordinary singers, I'm glad there is Cynthia Crane"
Jazz Times

"Cynthia Crane: at the top of her game. Best known in the cabaret community as a classic jazz singer, Cynthia Crane surprised us with a classic cabaret act, instead. Artfully assembled, delivered with a lifetime's worth of craft, her show... displayed for all to see what she knows now about putting on a show – which is plenty.
Barbara & Scott Siegel, TalkinBroadway

"A petite package of charm, wit and talent, this self-described "saloon singer" is an expressive vocalist and an exquisite interpreter, reminiscent of those who bestowed an aura of elegance on
the major rooms of the 'forties and 'fifties"
Peter Leavy, CabaretScenes Magazine

"Cynthia Crane deserves to be better known...her style is real, heartfelt and deeply affecting...Crane's voice hits me right where it counts."
TimeOut NY

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I'm Confused Therefore I Am
The Time Has Come
Cynthia's in Love

Blue Rendezvous
The Secret Life of a WASP
Smoky Bar Songs (For the No-Smoking Section)
Our First Christmas

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