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Cynthia Crane and
The Yorkville Clock

In a successful attempt to preserve a piece of our city's heritage, Cynthia and several other concerned citizens have saved the Yorkville Clock on 3rd Ave. It was fully restored and returned to its original location.

Members of
Neighbors Restoring the Historic Yorkville Clock

Photograph by Bill Perlmutter

235 E. 87th St. NYC 10128
The view looks north up 3rd Ave, across E. 85th St.
Left to right, Betty Keim, Margot Gayle, Cynthia Crane
10:00 am Friday, Nov. 20, 1998
The Yorkville Sidewalk Clock, 1501 Third Ave being prepared for its removal and sent to Historical Arts and Casting in Salt Lake City for total restoration


3rd Avenue clock
strikes again!
Photo: Roxanne Lowitt

Community members at the dedication ceremony for the 3rd Ave. clock. Top: Lou Agruso, restorer; Cynthia Crane, sponsor; Frank Lichtensteiger, community activist; and Arthur Brown, philanthropist. Bottom, (l): Frank Dorsa, clock enthusiast; Assemblyman Mark Alan Siegel; Special Mayoral Assistant, Herb Rickman; Brad Lawrence, representative, Our Town Foundation and Community Festival Corporation; and Leo Davenport, proprietor, Reimann and Bresse furniture store.

The Yorkville Clock's
twin in
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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